About Precision Die & Machine Co.

Precision Die & Machine Co. has been in business for over 50 years, building high quality plastic injection molds at our St. Clair Michigan facility. We focus on making tooling that comes in your door on time. Tooling that simply works, making your company money from the day it arrives.

Precision Die & Machine Co. is continuing to move forward. We are investing in the latest technology to gain a competitive edge. We currently produce a higher quality injection mold for a lower price than we did ten years ago.  Not many companies can make this claim! When it comes to building high quality, long lasting tools, we can stand toe-to-toe with anyone in the world for cost and value. Although the economy of the last decade has been the hardest ever for the mold making industry, we did not falter. We rose to the challenge! To compete in today's global market, we build molds faster, better, and for a lower cost than our competition. Technology has allowed Precision Die & Machine to become more efficient and productive, while passing the savings on to our customers. We now produce mass quantities of "one", while maintaining the highest quality standards. We have found that in the long run, cost effective quality tooling makes our customers more money every shot. This makes our customers more profitable and more likely to come back.

The bottom line is this:

Get U.S. Quality and service at the competitive price you need. Why would you go anywhere else?