3D Mold 3D Detail


Solid Model Design:

All of our molds are engineered in 3D solids including fits and clearances

At Precision Die & Machine Co. our commitment to quality starts at the very beginning. At the start of any project, our engineering staff uses the latest version of solid works to create a complete 3D solid model design. By complete we mean that every detail is shown, right down to the vents and engraving required in the cavity inserts. In addition each detail is shown with the appropriate fit or clearance necessary for maximum performance.

Programmed for accuracy:

The solid model is directly input and used to program our CNC equipment.

Our cam software operates directly in solid works. This allows the solid models from the design to be used directly to create cutter paths. Problems due to translation are eliminated and accuracy is increased in the programs.

Full information Package:

Upon completion, the full engineering design package is provided for your future use.

At the end of the project all our customers are provided complete 2D designs and 3D data from the project. All inspection reports are also provided in electronic format. The designs and data will reflect the exact state of the steel.