Makino V56Automated CEll

Lights Out Machining

Our machines run long after the last mold maker leaves for the day!

High Speed Machining:

The speed of our automated machining equipment is only surpassed by its accuracy.

"True Fit" details and cores:

All details are machined to exacting tolerances eliminating traditional fitting.

Our commitment to improvement in technology has brought us to the future of tool making, automation. Our  automated cell consists of an Agie Impact cnc edm, a System 3R Workmaster II robot and a Mikron High Speed Mill. This gives us hard milling and high speed machining capabilities. Together with our Faro Arm CMM, we have the competitive edge to propel us into the future of tool making.

Our state of the art cell allows us to meet your high speed machining, high speed hard milling, and electrode manufacturing needs 24-7

Our drive for technological improvement has lead us to the purchase of a Makino V56 high speed machining center. Allowing us to more easily meet the growing demands of our customers.

CMM True:

All of our components are measured to insure they meet the exacting tolerances we require.

Layout Package:

An inspection report is always provided for all critical part dimensions in the tool steel.