New Tools


New Tools

Over 50 years of knowledge and experience are built into each tool we build for the many facets of industry we serve. Our tools are built to a wide verity of specifications, from simple to complex. They include features such as, internal or external threads, spur gears, special core pulls or actions, insert molding, over molding, and two shot molding

Our mold builders are proud of the consistency and accuracy they maintain, while delivering their molds on schedule. We guarantee that all cavity detail will be cut within a tolerance of 20% of part print or +/- .001 which ever is greater. With our control system, you are provided weekly reports on each of your projects. Our policy is to handle the entire project in house to ensure that your quality and timing requirements are met to your satisfaction.

New Cost Saving Product!


Do you need the benefits of a hardened inserted tool but want the cost for a cut in solid tool? We have your solution! Get the best of both worlds with a hardened cut in solid tool! We can machine your cavity details in hard S-7 or H-13  "A" and "B" plates. This gives your tool the ability to withstand  abrasive materials or high volumes, while helping you save money. Available for stand alone tools or MUD units.