Over 60 Years of Quality Service to Our Customers!

Precision Die & Machine Co. is committed to providing quality service to all of our customers. We have made great strides over the last 60 years and continue to move forward into the future. We have invested in the latest technology to provide our customers affordable quality tooling built in the United States.

Our high standards in mold building are the key to our success:

Solid Model Design: All our molds are engineered in 3D solids including fits and clearances.

Programmed for Accuracy: The solid model is directly input and used to program our CNC equipment.

High Speed Machining: The speed of our automated machining equipment is only surpassed by its accuracy

Lights out Machining: Our machines run long after the last mold maker leaves for the day.

"True Fit" details and cores: All details are machined to exacting tolerances eliminating traditional fit

CMM True: All of our components are measured to insure they meet the exacting tolerances we require

Layout Package: An inspection report is always provided for all critical part dimensions in the tool steel

Full information Package: Upon completion the full engineering design package is provided for your future use.

Contract Services: Any of our services may be purchased individually to fit your needs!